Talent Development


TUL Corporation is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) by actively participating and continuing to abide by ethics and making sustainable contributions to the society.

In recent years, TUL Corporation and the Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB) participate in a number of CSR projects. In addition, TUL also sponsored the senior citizens in rural areas with remote health program including online classes, medical expert consultation, courses and group consultation for autistic caregivers so as to promote charitable care.。

In terms of industry-academia collaboration, TUL Corporation cooperated with Taiwan universities and research institutes including National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan University of Science and Technology, St. John's University, etc., to conduct research on technologies such as intelligent innovation and the Internet of Things.

TUL Corporation values employee learning, strengthens the importance of self-improvement, and encourages employees to take part-time courses to improve immediate capability. It not only improves employees' spiritual knowledge, but also integrates with existing work and keeps pace with the environment.

In terms of talents cultivating, TUL Corporation participates in the "Rebuild After PhDs' Industrial Skill and Expertise (RAISE)" program organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. TUL Corporation acts as a cooperative manufacturer and provides doctoral talents with internship opportunities for more than 6 months. This provides doctoral-level elites with job experience and helps cultivate high-level talents.

In order to seamlessly integrate the theories learned at school with the enterprise, TUL Corporation has provided internship opportunities to many Taiwan universities and research institutes including Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Quemoy University, St. John's University since 2004. This offers students with opportunities to participate in the operation of the enterprise during spare time, gain job experience ahead and have better preparation for graduation.

Since the beginning of 2017, TUL Corporation has participated in the "Fly High Program for Five-Year Junior College Students” of the Ministry of Education. TUL provides 2-8% of the total staff quotas to the program every year to assist five-year college students to apply what they have learned. TUL provides practical places, powering college education for Taiwan's economic vitality, and cooperates with schools to cultivate talents for industry needs. During the project, TUL promises to provide monthly subsistence scholarships during the semester (non-internship period), and internship allowances higher than basic salary during the internship period (such as 5th year). The welfare and working conditions are in line with regular employees. With the school and enterprise working together for training talents needed by the industry, this shortens the gap between learning and work, and helps the underprivileged groups own a better future with knowledge!