Business Strategy

TUL’s core business is in marketing and R&D and focuses on various software and hardware solutions (graphics cards, embedded graphics products, SoC motherboards and systems, FPGA products, Thunderbolt external products and other customized products and services). TUL's leadership in the global IT industry can be divided into the following four aspects:


Professional graphics card electronic engineering staff

Professional graphics card electronic engineering staff R&D team proficient in innovative cooling system, mechanical and industrial application; embedded system, consumer graphics card application software development capabilities; excellent board support package (BSP), driver and user interface (UI) development capabilities.


Outstanding manufacturing ability

Outstanding manufacturing ability Professional and flexible production and configuration capabilities; real-time material and logistics management; high-efficient, automated, connected product life cycle management system; comprehensive quality control system.


Competitive cost management

Good strategic supplier relationship; excellent supply chain management; JIT material control system; perfect logistics distribution management (electronic component distribution management).


Integrated service

Worldwide product marketing network; comprehensive worldwide network technical support; fast and effective RMA service; strong e-retailer cooperation model.