Employee welfare

1. Employee welfare measures

Employee stock ownership trust, national health insurance, labor insurance, pension provision, group insurance, regular employee health check, employee domestic and international travel, birthday gift and club activities.

2. Staff training and training

Pre-employment training for new recruits

30 hours of pre-employment training for new recruits, including company organization and culture, operating system and system operation introduction, professional knowledge training and inheritance, etc. The company stipulates:

Trainings specified

"Education and training procedures", "internal/external education and training implementation norms", employees are developed in accordance with the company's annual development strategy or plan, based on their own work-related expertise. Employees can apply for internal or external training courses in order to complete strategic goals and plans.The content is summarized as follows  
Internal training: training in the head office.
External training: sending to professional training institutions in Taiwan and abroad. Training consent or service extension cut-off form will be issued depending on the training content.

Retirement system and its implementation status

In addition to paying employee pensions in compliance with all relevant remuneration laws and regulations, the company also complies with the relevant government retirement laws and regulations for retirement.

1.Labor rights

The labor contract between each employee and the company complies with relevant local laws and regulations.

2.Employee retirement system

In order to stabilize the life of employees after retirement, the company formulates labor retirement measures in accordance with the law, and establishes a labor retirement supervision committee that regularly allocates retirement reserves every month based on a fixed rate of total salary expenses and deposits them in a special account of the Central Trust Bureau to protect labor rights. Since July 1, 2005, the new government retirement method has been adopted in parallel, and 6% has been allocated to the employee’s personal retirement pension account based on the total wages. Those who have voluntarily contributed their retirement pensions are also paid from the employees’ monthly salary based on the voluntary contribution rate. The company's applicable regulations in accordance with the Labor Pension Regulations are as follows:

1. Self-retirement: Labors can apply for self-retirement under one of the following circumstances: (If you choose to apply for the labor pension regulations, follow the same regulations) (1) Those who have worked for more than 15 years and have reached the age of 55. (2) Those who have worked for more than 25 years. (3) Those who have worked for more than 10 years and have reached the age of 60.
2. Compulsory retirement: The company shall not compel employees to retire unless they have one of the following circumstances: (1) Those who have reached 65 years of age. (2) Loss of mind or physical ability is incapable of being a qualified worker. For the age specified in (1), the company may report to the central competent authority for approval and adjustment for workers with special characteristics such as risky or strong physical strength. However, the employee must not be less than 55 years old.
3. Retirement allowance payment standards: (1) Number of working years before and after the application of the Labor Standard Law and the choice to apply the "Labor Standard Law" pension provisions in accordance with the Labor Pension Regulations, or keeping the working years before the labor pension regulations, the pension payment standard is calculated in accordance with Article 84-2 and Article 55 of the Labor Standards Law. (2) For employees who have the working years of the preceding paragraph and compulsorily retire in accordance with Paragraph 1 and 2 of Article 35, if there is a loss of mind or physical ability caused by the performance of their duties, an addition of 20% will be offered in accordance with Paragraph 1 and 2 of Article 55 of the Labor Standards Law. (3) For employees who are subject to the retirement pension requirements of the Labor Pension Regulations, the company pays 6% of their wages to the individual pension account of the employee on a monthly basis.
4. Retirement benefits: The company shall pay employees’ retirement benefits within 30 days of the employee’s retirement.

4. Protective measures for the working environment and personal safety of employees

(1).Access security

  • A. Strict access control and monitoring system is set up at day and night.
  • B. Contracted security company at night and on holidays to maintain safety.

(2).Mental and physical health

  • A.Health check: physical examination of new recruits, regular health check of employees every year.
  • B.Work environment sanitation: The workplace is completely banned from smoking in accordance with regulations, health seminars are held, and the office environment is cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • C. Sexual harassment prevention: formulate appeal regulations and punishment.

(3).Insurance and medical condolences

  • A.Insured labor insurance (including occupational disaster insurance) and health insurance in accordance with the law.
  • B.The company’s employees are insured for work accident insurance. For those who are disabled or died at work, the employees or their heirs will be aided by insurance claims.
  • C.Preferential relief to employees, their spouses, and children’s illnesses.