Supplier Management

In order to provide customers with excellent products and innovative technologies, we understand the importance of establishing long-term partnerships with suppliers to jointly pursue sustainable development, and actively implement corporate social responsibility through supplier management. The company currently manages suppliers through methods such as supplier selection, audit guidance, training and performance evaluation. The specific methods are as follows:

Supplier Evaluation

Suppliers must pass supplier assessment and follow the Supplier Code of Conduct. Process-related raw material suppliers must pass the ISO9001 quality management system certification. Factory affairs and related operations contractors must be certified by the occupational safety and hygiene management system. Local suppliers should obtain valid factory registration certificates and ISO14001 environmental certification issued by local governments according to their business categories.

Supplier Audit

The company has set up an audit team and a counseling team. In 2023, 104 suppliers were evaluated. A total of 225 supplier deficiencies reviews were tracked (2023/1/1~2023/12/31). The suppliers were requested to improve the deficiencies for better quality and sophisticated technology.

Supplier Training

The company conducts irregular publicity and communication on environmental protection laws and regulations on environmentally harmful substances to effectively enhance environmental protection awareness, and guides suppliers to communicate on missing progress every quarter.

Supplier Recognition

The company selects the highest quality suppliers for recognition based on the supplier evaluation results every year. In 2023, there were a total of 2 recognitions.