Sustainable Supply Management

Environment and Sustainable Supply Management

TUL Corporation continues to pursue operational growth, while at the same time pays attention to the impact that the business operations bring to society and the environment. In addition to internally establishing a greenhouse gas emission inspection team to plan a series of greenhouse gas inspection education and training courses, TUL also invites all suppliers and partners to work towards the sustainable vision and formulate supplier code of conduct as the basis for suppliers to follow. The content covers environmental safety and health, labor rights, information security, ethical norms, and quality management systems. The suppliers' compliance with the above guidelines is one of the main evaluation items for purchasing decisions.

The TUL audit and counseling team evaluated 104 suppliers in 2023. There were a total of 225 supplier deficiencies reviews in 2023 (January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023), tracking the improvement progress of the suppliers’ deficiency, and jointly improve the quality and technology. TUL is also committed to improving suppliers' conditions for environmental safety and health, as well as labor rights and interests, and taking the "Supplier Environmental Safety, Health and Labor Rights Survey Form" as an essential part of the annual evaluation.