Career Opportunities

Flexible organization and multicultural learning environment to enable employees to grow up with TUL!

TUL has long regarded human resources as the most important asset, and therefore always regards the growth of the employees as own wealth. In TUL, every employee has the opportunity to receive comprehensive education and training, and build TUL's internal knowledge base through inherited experience. TUL enables employees to work professionally and happily.

Enthusiasm, vitality, happiness and motivation

Teaching through learning has become a common practice in TUL. Strong communication between colleagues is also common. At TUL, we respect multiculturalism, focus on reaching consensus and maintaining an effective working environment. We maintain high morale among colleagues, bravely face problems, accept challenges, and strive to improve and innovate the best methods. TUL values the physical and mental health of employees, and provides free regular physical examinations to ensure the overall health of employees. The TUL Welfare Committee holds various activities from time to time to ensure that the working environment is full of knowledge, vitality and happiness.

People-oriented management and complete hardware equipment

Flexible working hours. At TUL, the working conditions of male and female employees are equal. Gender does not hinder the further development of the position. Creative and open communication is encouraged. Every employee has a dedicated laptop, and wireless Internet access is available in every corner of TUL. There is no barrier between colleagues and visitors.