Intellectual property management plan

Intellectual Property Rights Management Project

Combining the company's operating objectives and the intellectual property rights management project developed by the company, the company formulates the use of intellectual property rights to enhance industrial competitiveness, and strengthens the company's competitive advantage under the leadership of legal compliance.

1.Patent protection measures
In order to build intellectual property rights and expand patent territory, the company has formulated a reward system internally to encourage employees to brainstorm and pay attention to intellectual property and innovation, and also arranges relevant training on a regular basis to train and strengthen employees' skills and knowledge. The company also employs external patent company as perennial consultant and maintains close contact with the competent authorities to improve examination efficiency and obtain high-quality patent protection.

2.Business Confidentiality Protection
In order to prevent the company's operations from being affected by intellectual property-related lawsuits, the company emphasizes the signing of relevant confidentiality contracts, so that the company can protect intellectual property rights and business secrets, hoping to reduce the possibility of shareholders' rights and interests caused by intellectual property rights claims and lawsuits that damage the company's operational risks.

Implementation Situation in 2023 (Board Report Date: December 21, 2023)

1.The company actively promotes intellectual property management plans, and the main implementation situations in recent years are as follows:
The company formulates intellectual property rights management measures (approved by the board of directors on 2020.11.5), review and revise each year and continue to update in line with changes in the company's operations and internal and external situations.

2.At present, the results of patent and trademark registration are as follows:
As of December 2023, the total number of the company's global patent applications has reached 29, representing a 50% increase compared to the same period last year.
As of December 2023, the total number of global trademark approvals has reached 114, representing a 23% increase compared to the same period last year.