A flexible organization and multicultural learning environment allow employees to grow together with Tul!
Having long regarded human resource as its most important asset, TUL always considers the growth of the employees as its own. Here
at TUL, everyone has the opportunity to receive comprehensive educational training, as well as building TUL's internal knowledge base
through inheriting experiences. TUL enables employees to work professionally and happily.
Combining enthusiasm, vigor, happiness and motivation

Teaching by learning has become a common practice at TUL, and solid communications among colleagues is also prevalent.

At TUL, we respect multiculturalism, focus on obtaining consensus, and maintain an effective working environment.
Morale is kept high by colleagues who dare to meet challengers and strive to make improvements and innovations of the best methods.
TUL values the mental and physical health of the employees - regular medical examination free of charge to ensure overall health of the
TUL's Welfare Committee holds various activities from time to time to ensure a work environment full of knowledge, vigor and laughter.
Human-oriented management and complete hardware equipment
Flexible working hours.
Equal working conditions for both genders - at TUL, gender is by no means a hindrance to further development in positions.
Open communications with creativities.
One designated notebook for each employee, and wireless Internet access at every corner of TUL – no boundaries among colleagues
and visitors.
stock - competitive salary offer - performance bonus - year-end bonus - Three major festival bonus - retirement plan



Dividend/Stock: Employee stock dividends, stock option, treasury stocks, competitive salaries, performance bonus, year-end bonus, Festival Bonus for Dragon Boat, Mid-Autumn and Chinese New Year, patent bonus and employee suggestion bonus.

Employee Insurance:

Labor insurance, health insurance and group insurance to provide the employees with best guarantees.


Annual Medical Examination:

TUL believes that being healthy both mentally and physically is the source of vigor, so every year conducts medical examination free of charge for the employees.


Employee Welfare:

Birthday coupons, subsidies for marriage, bereavement and childbirth, scholarships for employees and employees' children, and emergency financial assistance.


Company Tours:

TUL organizes domestic outings and overseas travels to enrich the employees' lives.


Company unions & associations:

TUL encourages the employees to establish various kinds of unions and associations with fund aids.


Flexible Working Hours:

TUL adopts a flexible system which allows the employees to check in or check out at their own discretion.


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